WhatsApp Business Is Rolling Out to Desktop Devices


January 29, 2019
Anne Felicitas writer at AdvertiseMint, Facebook ads company

It’s difficult to work from your phone. Dealing with a smaller screen and an even smaller keyboard, efficiently getting tasks done from a small square is significantly more difficult than from a desktop or laptop. Just imagine writing an article or a long report from your iPhone—what a nightmare.

To accommodate businesses, WhatsApp is making the WhatsApp Business features available to desktop devices and the web, as reported by Tech Crunch.

Quick Replies is one of the tools that WhatsApp is rolling out to desktop devices. The feature allows businesses to respond to common questions from customers using pre-written replies. Saved replies and automated greetings are also features that people can soon access from their computers.

By Anne Felicitas, editor at AdvertiseMint, best Facebook advertising agency

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